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Astrology can help you to live a healthy & fit life. As each organ, anatomical structure, and body part is inherently influenced by astrological elements, we can predict health issues through astrology. This consultation include complete analysis of your birth chart.. Chart interpretation can also give you great insight into your current health conditions and can shed lights on future concerns that can be prevented using free-will.




Does your home support and nurture you? Schedule a one-on-one to review, correct and enhance your entire home  using Feng Shui & Vastu tools such as: reading the qi of the home, examining floor plans, astrology and energy readings.


The Soul Intensive®
(4x 60-minute energy coaching session)
**Unlimited Voxer/Telegram support for 3 months**



We start with a complete analysis of your birth chart. We focus on the four areas of Wealth, Health, Career & Relationships and identify specific roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving the desired results.

Daily practices, energy techniques and remedies are recommended based on your specific birth chart.





In Vedic Astrology, the concept of Horoscope Matching is very eminent. The health of our relationships reflect in all the other areas of our lives. What if we can change the trajectory of our lives by choosing the right partner? In this consultation, we match the birth charts of the two potential partners and uncover areas with malefic effects. We also suggest remedies to get rid of those malefic effects..



We look at your birth chart to answer questions about wealth, finances, and speculation. We also identify the time periods favorable for investments, and property purchases as starting a new business/launching products.



Vedic astrology helps you choose a career that will benefit you the most. Who we are and what we do with our lives are intrinsically linked to planetary influences. Choosing the most promising line of work can directly affect your well-being.

Career consultation will also talk about the timing of various events .


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